We've been busy these past weeks reviewing all the information we collect and process in Make Place and ensuring we comply with the GDPR. If you haven't delved into the countless emails you'll have received about it, the GDPR is a European regulation about the storage and processing of personal information.

The upshot of this is that websites should be a lot more upfront with you about what information they're using and you have to specifically opt-in to email marketing.

At Make Place we went through all the information we have been processing to review what information we needed and what we didn't. To help you we've added a new consent workflow which is now built into each instance of Make Place. This means that whenever the terms and conditions change, users will be prompted to review and re-consent to them.

We're also now upfront about the cookies we use and have added the ability to opt-out of analytics tracking if you want. We currently use Google Analytics to see how you use our site which we review to see what features you are and aren't using.

That's enough about GDPR, now we can get back to some more exciting features!