3.1.0 – Bugs, Tweaks & Features

It doesn't look like much has been changing but we've been hard a work under the hood of Make Place. We've been working through a massive list of bugs, making the whole Make Place experience as good as it can be.

We've also been tweaking a few things that don't quite work or maybe aren't as obvious as they could be. These are little things like only letting you type comments up to the maximum length (255 characters) rather than letting you submit more and get your message cut off.

More excitingly we have been sneaking we've even managed to sneak some features into this release too! These are features for the platform as a whole, giving site managers fine-grain control over permissions. This means that you can control exactly who can view, respond, comment or vote on your surveys and even use groups to pick selected users to participate.

All these things and a couple more will be published this week, stay tuned for more announcements and features!