Comments, votes & swish animations

Version 3 is almost upon us! All of the features have now been developed and are in the final stages of testing.

With this update we're adding the ability to comment and vote on each other's response. This is also completely customisable to each survey on a map, so you could have voting on one, voting on another or both on a third. The nature is customisable to so the prompts and text around the controls can be tweaked to your heart's content, making every deployment as unique as possible.

Along with these awesome new features, the overall map experience has been tweaked and improved. Theres an all new mobile experience, so all of the controls are available and just as powerful on mobile devices. Generally the experience of the map has been reworked too, we've not got animations to the flow of the page smoother and more friendly.

As we wrap up version 3, we're still testing and tinkering with it to find and eradicate as many bugs as we can before we ship it out. See you in version 3!!