That tricky second post

So a few days ago we turned on the very first version of Make Place, the platform in which you're viewing this blog on right now. Going through the site theres now a big old list of fresh bugs to fix and tiny things to tweak. This list of things is being bundled up along with the exciting new features we have in store and will worked on as soon as possible!

As a test of our geographical-survey goodness we've set up Pug Spotter as a way to demonstrate the features we have to offer. Right now you can view pugs that other members have spotted and sign up to add your own! While a little silly, its a good demonstration of the dynamic nature our service. The point of Make Place is that it is powerful enough to map a multitude of geographical surveys, each one configured to perfectly ask the questions you need answered.

Where Next?

So wheres this all going? Is this just a website that maps pugs? Whats the future of Make Place?

Right now we're hard at work developing the second iteration of Make Place, adding features, squashing bugs and generally tinkering around with the code.

So whats coming next? Version 3 is all about interaction and providing a place to communicate. The two main features are commenting and voting, when setting up a Make Place deployment you'll be able to turn on and configure both these features. This will mean that your users can vote on each other's submissions and discuss them further in the comments section!

Wait, version 3!? So the next version we're working on is v3, the first version was an internal build setting up all the systems and configuring them to work together. v2 was released when we went live, adding the core features and fixing some bugs from v1, so logically the next version is number 3.

After v3 not even we know what we'll be doing next, we've got a whole host of potential features that we're dying to add and we're going to pick the best ones and work on them. Stay tuned to find out more!