Version 3.0.0

We made it! We got all the things we wanted to do for version 3 and bundled them up and released the version. In this version we're adding the ability to interact with other people's responses to surveys. To do this you can leave an emoji vote to let the author see how their response makes you feel. You can then leave a message underneath if you want to comment on their response or debate on it.


Here is our new voting interface:

voting interface2


In terms of a platform, these features are completely customisable. When you set up an instance of Make Place you can turn any or all of these features on and you can customise the text and prompts around it to make your deployment unique. 

As with implementing features, little bugs do crop up. Because of this we're now hard at work on v3.0.1 which addresses all of the issues that've been found and tweaking a few things that don't quite make sense. Come back for more updates on this as we get to work fixing those bugs!