This is a test deployment of Make Place, a geographical survey tool for all your mapping needs. Created by Open Lab, Make Place is an open source project designed to be reused and configured to your needs.

For an example of what we do, check out our Pug Spotter!

Welcome to our blog, here is all news relating to Make Place and our various deployments.


We've been busy behind the scenes at make place tidying up and sort out the internals of our platform. The upshot of this is we now have a little sub-site which.....

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We've been busy these past weeks reviewing all the information we collect and process in Make Place and ensuring we comply with the GDPR...

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Ticking Over & Squashing Bugs

We're now up to version 3.1.2 and there's nothing too interesting to report I'm afraid! The last few updates have just been to fix various bugs that've cropped up from.....

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Version 3.0.0

We made it! We got all the things we wanted to do for version 3 and bundled them up and released the version...

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That tricky second post

So a few days ago we turned on the very first version of Make Place, the platform in which you're viewing this blog on right now...

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Hello, World! (of course)

Our first blog post, aptly named Hello, World! in computing tradition. The server stack for Make Place has just been set up and you're reading our first update!..

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